SAIG Welcomes Undergraduates

As part of the final year of their undergraduate studies, students undertake a “Final Year Project” which forms a significant portion of their degree classification. The project typically incorporates development and/or research, but is marked largely on the basis of a report of the project, which acts as a dissertation or thesis.

This year, SAIG is delighted to have six undergraduates joining the group for their projects. Kerrie Munn will be continuing her work with SPREE, Ciaran McGhie will be extending the Primal system whilst Joshua Burtwhistle and Matthias Lenz will be working with the Ms. Pac-Man framework. We are also introducing a new area for work within SAIG, on the Bot Prize which concerns creating human-like players for the game Unreal Tournament 2004 – John Dunne and Chris MacDonald will be undertaking the initial work on this.

Please join us in welcoming these students to the group, and we wish them the best of luck over their final year of study.

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