The Strathclyde AI and Games (SAIG) Research Group is a recent spinoff from the Strathclyde Planning Group (SPG), which is a world-leading team of researchers in the field of Automated Planning. Where SPG focuses primarily on deliberative reasoning in a broad context, primarily involving significant time-consuming problems, SAIG looks at things from a different perspective – namely striving for efficiency and trying to establish better lightweight solutions to both reasoning and execution. In doing this, we have found games to be a natural match, offering a number of distinctive challenges such as dynamic environments and tightly constrained computational freedom, making for an excellent testbed for our theoretical AI approaches, as well as an interesting application area in order to help the industry develop.

SAIG is led by Dr John Levine who has been undertaking research in the interface between planning and games for many years, and is supported by a growing team of researchers with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence as well as passion for games in a variety of forms, from board games to theoretic games through of course to video games.

Please, browse the site and learn more about SAIG and our work.