Dr John Levine

John Levine is the leader of the Strathclyde AI and Games Research Group. He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde and has conducted research within the field of Game AI for a number of years, both at Strathclyde and before that the University of Edinburgh. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge and is a member of the current EPSRC Peer Review College.

Luke Dicken

Luke Dicken is a Ph.D. student attached to SAIG. His research concerns the development of the Integrated Influence Architecture, having devised the system as part of his M.Res. degree as a member of the Strathclyde Planning Group. He is also the principal point of contact for most of the teaching projects and project lead for SPREE.

Photo: Enrique Gonzalez

Enrique Gonzalez

One of our more recent additions, Enrique Gonzalez is in his first year of a Ph.D. researching a system for Generalised AI embedded within a real-time environment. Enrique has previously worked within the games industry, and joined us after completing a Masters program in Gran Canaria.

Phil Rodgers

Phil originally joined SAIG as a Summer Intern in 2010, and was one of the core developers of the SPREE system. He remained with the group for his undergraduate dissertation, and has now received funding from the EPSRC to undertake a Ph.D. investigating the ways in which explorative techniques such as Monte Carlo search can be interfaced with a learnt library of pattern-to-reaction mappings.


Kerrie Munn (SPREE)
Ciaran McGhie (Primal)
John Dunne (Bot Prize)
Chris McDonald (Bot Prize)
Joshua Burtwhistle (Ms. Pac-Man)
Matthias Lenz (Ms. Pac-Man)


Tommy Thompson (Ph.D.)
Craig Wilson (Undergraduate)
Stuart Nelson (Undergraduate)
Nicky Johnstone (Intern)
Liam Kelly (Intern)
Fraser McVean (Intern)