Work with SAIG

At SAIG we are always delighted to receive feedback on our work from members of the games industry. Although a lot of what we do is theoretical, we aim to tailor it as closely as possible to match the needs of today’s developers, and as such we are always eager to learn more about the challenges that face people within the industry.

For many challenges within the games industry, it is difficult for the industry to find solutions – especially “strong” solutions. As their aim is to sell games, and entertain their consumers, research and development of new techniques is not a high priority except when it can impact directly on the bottom line. This is why we see SAIG as a natural compliment to the development process. With students and researchers frequently looking for short to medium term projects, SAIG is uniquely positioned to share the burden of developing new approaches to AI in games directly into industry and to undertake projects that might be deemed too high-risk from a business perspective.

Ultimately, there are a number of different ways that you can work with SAIG, from just helping us to ground our research with a short dialogue about the issues you face in industry, though to full-scale collaborative projects. Please feel free to get in touch with Luke ( to discuss this further.