Luke Dicken Awarded “Eric Dybsand Memorial AI Scholarship” by IGDA Foundation

The Strathclyde AI an Games Group are pleased to report that Luke Dicken, one of our PhD students, has been awarded the prestigious “Eric Dybsand Memorial AI Scholarship”. This award is presented by the IGDA Foundation, the charitable division of the International Game Developers Association. The scholarship commemorates Eric Dybsand, a Game AI developer and pillar of the community who died in 2004. It allows Luke to attend the Game Developers Conference, the largest gathering of game developers, which is held each year in San Francisco. There Luke will be an honoured guest at the annual AI Dinner, be mentored by members of the AI Game Programmers Guild and receive exclusive VIP treatment at a range of industry events occurring around GDC.

Luke received a similar scholarship last year to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles as a guest of the IGDA, so he is thrilled to have a second opportunity.

He will be in San Francisco March 2nd to 11th, and would be delighted to meet with anyone who is interested about the work we are doing at SAIG.

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