The “Terran Automated Defence Initiative” (TADI) is our first attempt at creating an agent for playing Starcraft. Based on our experiences in the early stages of TADI, we also began the Primal project, which TADI now builds on top of.

TADI makes use of a number of AI concepts, but at its core is theĀ HierarchicalĀ Concurrent State Machine, the same technology that drives Valve’s AI Director in games such as Left 4 Dead. We use the HCSM to modulate the activity of a range of behaviours, which control high-level concepts such as “Defence”, “Attack” and “Exploration”. The expectation is that in this way we can adapt to situations dynamically and react using these behaviours by altering the intensity of their effects.

TADI is an ongoing project at SAIG, with a view towards entry in the 2012 Starcraft AI Competition.